Group companies

Palgarda Krani SIA

Proceeding from the successful economic activities of Palgardi Kraana OÜ in Estonia and Lithuania and the increasing needs of our main clients (Scandinavian timber exporters), the group’s subsidiary enterprise, Palgarda Krāni SIA, was created in Latvia in May of 2000. The company is currently developing its main activity at the ports of Riga, Mersrags, Liepaja and Ventspils. The task of Palgarda Krāni is to provide clients with loading and unloading services at ports by using the company’s modern hydraulic loading machines. The types of cargo handled are round timber, lumber, wood pellets and coal.

Key indicators of Palgarda Krāni SIA:
employs ca. 18 persons;
operates at 3 ports and several coal terminals;
owns and uses for loading work ca. 8 hydraulic material handling machines and conveyor belt;
owns a mobile machine maintenance and repair unit.